The European Film Festival 2016

20 years of the European Film Festival in Trinidad and Tobago Enlarge image 20 years of the European Film Festival in Trinidad and Tobago (© EFF)

Please join us for another European Film Festival in Trinidad and Tobago. Port of Spain and Scarborough will see some catching and thrilling and fun movies starting May 11th with the opening movie from "Mia and the Migoo" from France. Screening will continue in Port of Spain until May 24th.

Screening in Tobago is scheduled from May 18th till May 22nd.

The European Film Festival in Trinidad and Tobago is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. Reason enough to celebrate in style with great European movies and door prizes to be won.

Chandani: The Daughter of the Elephant Whisperer

Chandani: The Daughter of the Elephant Whisperer

Chandani from Sri Lanka wants to learn the profession of her father. He is a respected “mahout”, an elephant rider. She is given the young elephant Kandula to look after and is allowed to be the first woman in the history of the country to lead an elephant during the procession for the big Perahera festival.
But then she isn’t accepted for official mahout training, and her beloved Kandula has to be returned.

Screening: Port of Spain only

12th of May, 11 am

21st of May, 3.30 pm

24th of May, 11 am

Beloved Sisters

Beloved Sisters

1788. Charlotte, the daughter of an impoverished noble family, has returned to her hometown. To the delight of her unhappily married sister, Caroline. The two girls had once vowed to share everything. One day, Friedrich Schiller, the famous German poet appears in their hometown and the two sisters take their oath seriously. They begin a love triangle. But this lifestyle turns out to be fragile. 

Screening in Port of Spain only:

14th of May, 8.15 pm

18th of May, 3.45 pm

22nd of May, 6 pm



Soon after the end of World War II, the Jewish woman Nelly returns to Germany, her face marked by the severe injuries she suffered in a concentration camp. Her ex-husband Johnny is not aware that she has survived. Johnny does not recognise her; he only notices a considerable similarity, and he decides to take advantage of it. Nelly is to play the part of his wife, so he can secure the assets of the woman he believes to be dead.

Screening in Port of Spain only:

11th of May, 6 pm

15th of May, 3.30 pm

19th of May, 6.15 pm

Suck me Shakespeer

Suck me Shakespeer

After a 13-month stretch in prison, the crook Zeki Müller is looking for the loot from his last robbery. He applies for a position as a janitor at the school, since, as it happens, the money is buried under the new school gym. However, Zeki lands a job as a supply teacher. He has to deal with a naive trainee teacher and problem kids who can’t even spell “Fuck you, Goethe” correctly. Thus, the young man unintentionally embarks on a career in education. 

Bora Dagtekin’s wild farce was the most successful German film of 2013.

Screening in Port of Spain:

13th of May, 4 pm

17th of May, 6 pm

23rd of May 9.15 pm

Screening in Scarborough:

19th of May, 5.30 pm

21st of May, 3 pm

The German Embassy say "Thank you"

Thank you

A very big "Thank you" to the sponsors of the German Embassy for its participation at the European Film Festival 2016:

Interior Harmony

Richmond Motors (BMW)

PromanAG (Trinidad)Ltd.

Massy Motors - Volkswagen



V & J Brauhaus German restaurant

A.S. Bryden & Sons (Trinidad) Ltd

Hadco Ltd.

These lucky winners of the doorprizes at the European Film Festival won prizes from our sponsor TSTT - Bmobile

European Film Festival 2016

Ms. Lisa Kewley and Ms. Claudia Tietze

In the last days the winner of the door prizes came to the Embassy to collect their prizes. Congratulations and thank you very much for your patronage!