Embassy events 2013

The German National Day Celebration Enlarge image The musicians in action (© Embassy)
EU Film Festival in Georgetown, Guyana

2013 EU Film Festival in Georgetown, Guyana opened

On October 17th 2013 the Head of the EU Delegation in Guyana, Ambassador Robert Kopecky, and German Ambassador Stefan Schlueter opened the 2013 EU Film Festival in Georgetown, Guyana. From Oct 17 to N...

Maria Paier Lopez honoured

Maria Paier Lopez honoured

Mrs. Paier Lopez was awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The German National Day Celebration

Celebrating the German National Day in Trinidad and Tobago

Remarks at the National Day Reception on October 4th by Ambassador Stefan Schlüter.

The German National Day in Barbados

Celebrating the German National Day in Barbados

Ambassador Schlüters remarks on the occassion of the German National Day celebration in Barbados



The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany presented an award winning show in San Fernandos' Naparima Bowl.

at the election brunch

Election brunch at the Ambassadors' residence

The German Ambassador hosted a brunch at his residence on the German election day, 22nd of September 2013. The announcement of the first forecasts of the election result only  minutes after the closin...

The panel discussion

Opening remarks at the Panel Discussion on Friday, 28 June, 2013

Ambassador Schlüters Remarks on the opening of the panel discussionson  “From Franco-German Relations to Regional Integration and Beyond”

50 jahre deutsch-franösische Freundschaft

French-German Week 25 - 29 June with master classes in voice and piano and a free concert 29 June

This year we celebrate 50 years of Franco-German Friendship commemorating the signing of the so-called Elysée Treaty in January 1963. This treaty gave a boost to efforts to reconcile and normalize rel...

Germaine Wilson and Kendel Haynes perform a piece from Jab Molassie, looking on is Dr. Nicole Jordan, visiting artist at UTT

German Embassy hosts fundraiser for new music theatre work "Jab Molassie"

   On Tuesday, 21 May 2013, the German Embassy hosted a fundraiser event to support the creation of a new theatre work by the Calabash Foundation for the Arts called “Jab Molassie”. Jab Molassie i...

European Film Festival 15-28 May 2013

 The European Film Festival (EFF) of Trinidad and Tobago, a showcase of some of the latest movies from Europe and eagerly awaited annually by cinema lovers, is now taking place in May. Set for its ...