Germany and Poland celebrate 25 Years of Friendship

25 Years of Friendship between Germany and Poland Enlarge image 25 Years of Friendship between Germany and Poland (© Federal Foreign Office)

Germany and Poland will celebrate this special anniversary with the Polish exhibition “Poles and Germans - Stories of Dialogue”. The exhibition will be presented at the Alma Jordan Library of the University of the West Indies - St. Augustine campus, open September 29th - October 1st, 2016. Opening hours Thursday and Friday 9 am - 7 pm, Saturday till 3 pm.

Furthermore 3 movies will be screened at the Allicance Francaise in Port of Spain (17 Alcazar Street, St. Clair). 

For more information check the summaries of the movies on the right side of this page.

The entrance to both, the exhibition and the movies is free.

November 12th, 1989, Krzyżowa: Tadeusz Mazowiecki and Helmut Kohl Enlarge image November 12th, 1989, Krzyżowa: Tadeusz Mazowiecki and Helmut Kohl (© NAF Dementi/Center “Memory and the Future”)

For 25 years, Poland and Germany have been enjoying the benefits of a landmark treaty on Good-Neighbourliness, Friendship and Cooperation.

During this time, the bilateral cooperation has flourished in every aspect. The heads of state, governments and members of parliament meet on a regular basis. Trade, investment and workforce mobility have woven a close economic web between the two countries. Numerous sister city agreements, university cooperations and civil society projects have brought people in both countries closer together.

The treaty effectively normalized the relationship between the two countries that for most of the 20th century have suffered from war, nationalism, violence and territorial disputes.

In particular, Germany’s attack on Poland in 1939 and the unprecedented atrocities against the Polish People during World War II were a heavy burden on the bilateral relationship after 1945.

The end of communism and creation of the first non-communistic government in Poland in September 1989 were turning points in the history of Europe. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the Reunification of Germany in 1990 cannot be thought of without the events in Poland. They set the stage for better understanding and reconciliation between our two countries.

It all started with the iconic gesture of the Polish first non-communist Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, hugging each other at a religious service in Krzyzowa in Southwestern Poland on 12 November 1989.

Exhibition at the library of the UWI and movie evenings at the Alliance Francaise

Germany and Poland celebrate 25 Years of Friendship

Lichter, 28th September 7.30 pm


"They (the protagonists) all have dreams and they are all betrayed. ..(Michael Althen, Frankfurter
Allgemeine Zeitung) - "The best German film for a long time." (Christian Schröder, Tagesspiegel) - "A brilliant film, both good and evil." (Sebastian Feldmann, Rheinische Post)

Hitlerjunge Salomon, 4th October, 7.30 pm

Hitlerjunge Salomon

The film is based on the authentic memories of Salomon Perel, born in 1925. We follow the odyssey of a
young Jewish refugee from Poland. Caused by the confusions of war, he is first sent to a Russian orphan's
home and then to a school for the Nazi elite. In an epilogue the true Salomon Perel is shown, who has
emigrated to Palestine.

Bye Bye America, 6th October 7.30 pm

Bye Bye America

Three emigrants - a Catholic Polish woman, her Jewish husband and his friend - leave New York after three
decades and travel to Poland with an involuntary detour via Berlin at Christmas time. The couple set up
home in their native country with the dollars they have saved, while their friend returns to the USA together
with the woman he met in Poland. A softly melancholic comedy.