The European Film Festival in Trinidad and Tobago

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Germany's movies to this years European Film Festival includes a beautiful coming of age story "About a Girl",but also controversal topics like abuse (The Culpable) and abortion (24 weeks). "Victoria" depicts a whole night of limin' in Berlin shot in a single take. Find more information in the section below

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About a Girl

About a Girl-Poster

Charleen, who isn’t quite 16 yet, has survived a suicide attempt and is now trying to find her peace. But it’s not that easy. Her father Jeff has been kicked out by her mother Sabine, who is now living with Charleen’s biology teacher, of all people.
Charleen is also arguing with her friend Isa. While at her chaotic psychotherapist’s office, Charleen meets Linus, the unpopular nerd from her class. Linus and Charleen become closer. In his first film for the big screen ABOUT A GIRL, Mark Monheim tells a slightly ironic coming-of-age story about a journey from helplessness to finding joy in life.

The Culpable

The Culpable-Poster

Jakob, Dominik and Oliver are friends, connected to one another not only through their football matches and occasional pub visits, but also through their profession. They are all priests, near the beginning of their careers. Jakob works as a prison chaplain, Dominik is active in a parish and Oliver aspires to a career in the church hierarchy. 

Then Dominik is arrested on suspicion of having sexually abused minors. Jakob questions the veracity of the allegations – until Dominik himself admits his guilt. Even then, the opportunist Oliver tries to cover up the scandal, but he has underestimated Jakob.

24 Weeks

24 Weeks Poster

A deeply moving drama about an expectant mother faced with an almost impossible decision: whether or not to proceed with the birth of a disabled child. A brave and forcefully narrated film that lingers a long time.



VICTORIA pulls viewers into a unique adventure. In a single take, a group of would-be tough guys and a young Spanish woman wind their way through a long Berlin night.