Marriage - Registration and name declaration

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German law does not require the registration of a marriage concluded abroad of a German national at a German authority. However in certain cases it is recommended to apply for a German marriage certificate.

The German Embassy Port-of-Spain will forward the completed application form with the needed documents to the responsible registrar’s office in Germany. The list of the needed documents can be found on the right side.

The Registrar’s Office responsible for foreign marriages is the Registrar’s Office at the place where the applicant has his/her residence in Germany. If none of the spouses has a residence in Germany, the Registrar’s Office I in Berlin (Standesamt I in Berlin) is responsible for recording the marriage and issuing a marriage certificate.

Only the spouses can apply for a marriage registration. If you wish to change your name after the marriage (name declaration), both spouses have to sign the application. If a name declaration is not required, the marriage registration can be made by either of the spouses alone.

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