End sexual violence!

Stop Rape! Enlarge image Stop Rape! (© www.colourbox.com/Tashatuvango)

Sexual abuse leaves scars, visible and invisible ones. And sadly it is a growing problem in many countries of the Easter Caribbean region.

The German Embassy is honoured to support the work of the “Sweet Water Foundation” and its “Rise Girls Club”. Within the club abused girls come together to gain strength in a group and to be consulted and consoled by specialists. The project focuses that, with the help of psychotherapists, art and yoga therapists, doctors and lawyers and other specialists, the girls and women regain control over their lives, rebuild their self esteem and learn how to safely advocate for the basic human rights of other girls, as well as themselves.

To learn more about the work of the Sweet Water Foundation please visit their website link

Keep on your work! And end abuse!