"Current Issues in the Field of Water Management"

Food-Grade water from the tap Enlarge image Food-Grade water from the tap (© dpa/pa/Bildagentur-online)

The tour was at the invitation of the German Federal Foreign Office, represented by the German embassies in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago respectively.

Numerous delegates from countries in the region participated in the visitors programme "Current Issues in the Field of Water Management" in Germany. Namely

- Christopher Husbands, President and General Manager of NAWASA (Grenada), 

- Bernard Ettinoffe, immediate past President and General Manager of DOWASCO (Dominica), 

- Vincent Hippolyte, Treasurer and Managing Director of WASCO (Saint Lucia)

- Ignatius Jean, Executive Director of CAWASA (Caribbean Water and Sewerage Association) ,

- Jermaine Jackson, Water Production Manager of the National Water Commission of Jamaica and

Ilena Vega Guzmán, Laboratory Coordinator & Chemical Director of the National Institute of Water Supply and Sanitation in Costa Rica.

The tour focused geographically on two areas, namely the city of Hamburg and the valley of the river Ruhr:

- Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the second largest port in Europe connected to the North Sea by the Elbe River. Its population is over 1.7 million people.

- The Ruhr valley is a polycentric urban area in the West of Germany. With a population of eight and a half million people, it is the largest urban agglomeration in Germany.

The tour was carried out in cooperation with the CATS program (Caribbean Aqua-Terrestrial Solutions) and, thus, included many destinations and partners that collaborate with and through the CATS program such as members of the "Strategic Alliance Water Loss Reduction", namely the municipal water management organisation "Hamburg Wasser" and the "Hermann Sewerin GmbH", a specialst company in the measuring industry supplying to the gas and water industry. Topics were municipal water supply and waste-water disposal including biogas production and sewage sludge incineration and gas and water leak detection were discussed.

Other dialogue partners were the University of Technology in Hamburg, Institute for Sewage Management and Water Protection, with whom current issues and projects in the field of sewage management and water protection were discussed.

Other private partners included "Jos. Hansen & Söhne GmbH" and "Wilo". Here the focus was on the potential and possibilities for the development of partnerships regarding the provision of energy-efficient water pumps.