Climate Diplomacy Day on 9 September 2014

Climate Diplomacy Day on 9 September 2014 Enlarge image Participants of the tour, Mr. George in the foreground (© Embassy)

A delegation of British and German diplomats traveled to Tobago to meet representatives of sponsored projects. The trip was crowned by a guided tour of the Gilpin Trace by Mr. Newton George.

The first German-UK-French Climate Diplomacy Day will be held on 9 September 2014. Events held that day in German, British and French missions in over 20 countries will highlight the importance of our climate diplomacy partnership, showcase successful climate projects, and emphasise the need for ongoing climate action.

Climate Diplomacy Day Q & A

What has climate change to do with Foreign Policy?
• Climate change is one of the major challenges of the 21st century, presenting risks to international prosperity and security. Securing international action in response is a key foreign policy challenge.
• Climate change impacts are already being felt around the world, with extreme weather events affecting human lives and economies, and the risk of flooding from sea level rise increasing. Without sustained mitigation action, these impacts are likely to have considerable consequences for our way of life.
• The economic and business opportunities of a transition to a low carbon future are significant: the sooner we act, the greater the benefit. Timely investment in low  carbon, climate resilient development can generate jobs and growth, and reduce the long term costs of lowering emissions and adapting to climate change impacts.
• The scale of the challenge means international discussions and negotiations have been taking place inside and outside the United Nations for many years. But countries have committed to reaching a globally binding agreement on climate change in Paris in
December 2015, which is why our diplomatic work to understand others’ priorities and to build common ground must intensify over the coming months.

What are we doing about it?

• Germany, the United Kingdom and France have been working together in the field of
climate foreign policy for a number of years. This cooperation includes not only efforts to develop a common climate policy agenda and promote this within international
negotiating processes, but also to demonstrate climate policy in action through a range of bilateral and jointly funded projects overseas.
• Joint climate projects are very broad in scope but have the common aim of promoting climate policy dialogue, heightening awareness of the impact of global climate change, and supporting measures to establish more efficient and more sustainable economic development. They comprise education campaigns as well as organising and supporting climate conferences, workshops, cultural events, trade fairs, lecture tours and research projects on all continents.
• We also work with other EU partners, the European Commission and wider international partners in promoting action on climate change.

German Embassy sponsors Film Series on Climate Change

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Youth in action for mangrove

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The Wild Fowl Trust

Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust

A long trusted partner of the German Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago in raising awareness of the effects of climate change.