Delegation from Germany Visits Caribbean to Explore Opportunities for Cooperation

The delegation in its meeting in Barbados Enlarge image Marina Meuss, Regional Coordinator, GIZ; Dr. Jochen Salow, Regional Director, GIZ; Warren Smith, President, CDB; Klaus Krämer, Head of Division, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Vice Ambassador Ullrich Kinne (© Embassy)

From 26 April until 5 May, 2014, a delegation from Germany visited St. Lucia, Guyana, Barbados and Grenada. In St. Lucia they met Sen. the Hon. Dr. James Fletcher, Minister for Public Service, Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, and representatives of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), in Guyana they met Her Excellency Ambassador Manorma Soeknandan, Deputy Secretary-General, Assistant Secretary General Douglas Slater and other representatives of CARICOM, in Barbados they had a full-day session with the The delegation in its meeting in Grenada Enlarge image Nassir Djafari, KfW; Vice Ambassador Ullrich Kinne; Klaus Krämer, Head of Division, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development; Senator Simon Stiell; Merina Jessamy, Acting PS, MALFFE; Paul Bornkamm, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development; Dr. Jochen Salow, Regional Director, GIZ (© Embassy) Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and its President Warren Smith, and visited the Caribbean Export Development Agency, and in Grenada they met Sen. The Hon. Simon Stiell, Merina Jessamy, the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Agriculture, Lands, Forestry & Fisheries and the Environment (MALFFE), Aria St. Louis, Head of the Environmental Unit at MALFFE, Justin Rennie, Chief Fisheries Officer, and Roland A. Baldeo, National Marine Protected Areas Coordinator

Members of the German delegation were Mr. Klaus Krämer, Head of Division, Regional development policy, Central America, Caribbean, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Mr. Paul Bornkamm, Desk officer, Regional development policy, Central America, Caribbean, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Jochen Salow, Director, Regional Division Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, of the German implementing agency GIZ, Mrs. Marina Meuss, Regional Coordinator, GIZ, and Mr. Nassir Djafari, Principal Economist Latin America and Caribbean at the German development bank KfW. In Guyana German Ambassador Stefan Schlüter and in Barbados German CDB Director Martin Kipping joined the delegation.

The delegation explored further opportunities for cooperation and assistance in the Eastern Caribbean.


Germany and the Caribbean cooperate in areas as varied as adaptation to climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency, HIV/AIDS prevention and improving economic competitiveness.

Since 2010, Germany has pledged over 21 million euros to CARICOM for adaptation to climate change in the Caribbean: over 5 million euros each for technical cooperation projects on the Management of Coastal Marine Areas and Adaptation to climate change in the Caribbean for the protection of natural resources and diversification in agriculture and forestry as well as over 10.8 million euros for a financial cooperation project on coastal protection for climate change adaptation in the small island states in the Caribbean.

In addition, the German development bank KfW is supporting the Caribbean Challenge Initiative with funds totaling around 30 million euros. Around 60% of the funds for the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund alone are coming from Germany.

Furthermore, Germany has committed a total of 16.7 million euros for tropical forest protection in Guyana. In Grenada, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety has pledged 5 million euros for the promotion of Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (ICCAS) implemented by GIZ.

Since 2003, Germany has funded the Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP) in the amount of 7.45 million euros. In 2010, another 4.5 million euros were committed to CARICOM for the support of institutional structures for the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Caribbean.

Germany and CARICOM have concluded four financial cooperation agreements worth 30 million euros and a technical cooperation agreement worth 4 million euros regarding the prevention of HIV/AIDS. These programs have contributed substantially to the improvement of sexual and reproductive health in general and, in particular, to halting the spread of the HIV epidemic and of other sexually transmitted diseases in the Caribbean by improving access to condoms and contraceptives, bringing about long-term behaviour changes that embrace contraception and family planning in general and the use of affordable condoms, and by improving conditions for migrants’ access to HIV prevention, treatment and care.

Furthermore, two technical cooperation projects worth 5 million euros on economic competitiveness and implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union have been concluded since 2009. One of them is assisting the services sectors and EPA implementation units of CARIFORUM Member States and the other one the Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality.