Sustainable Communities Initiative in North-East Tobago

On Novemer 27th, 2013 Ambassador Schlüter and Ashley Parasram of Environment Tobago signed a grants agreement. Environment Tobago Enlarge image Ashley Parasram of Environment Tobago and Ambassador Schlüter handing over the cheque (© Embassy)

Environment Tobagos goal is to give the people of north east Tobago an understanding and the opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, green technologies and resilient ecosystems in an era of climate change and economic uncertainty.

The project, intended for a duration of about 4 years, also seeks to work with existing initatives through the Caribbean region and with Small Island States (SIS) around the world. In a first step their website will be designed in order to visualise the project in the communities of the region and on the www. Find a link to their website here soon.