SORTS - Foundation for Development through Radio & Television in Suriname

SORTS - Foundation for Development through Radio & Television in Suriname Enlarge image SORTS - Foundation for Development through Radio & Television in Suriname - Logo (© SORTS)

SORTS (Stichting Ontwikkeling Radio en Televisie - Foundation for Development through Radio & Television in Suriname) is an organization that was established in 1994 to support the Schoolradio & Television of the Ministry of Education in Suriname. In the early years SORTS helped to organize the community radios in the interior of the country to get the voices of the local population  heard. One of the projects was the renovation of radio Muje, which literally means radio for women, but it’s meant for the whole community.

2012 with the financial help of the German Embassy in Port of Spain / Trinidad and Tobago SORTS started to venture onto a different field. Suriname signed various international treaties about climate change but the concept was unknown to almost everyone who was not at a policy level or working in this field. SORTS’ work aimes to simplify the complex information on climate change and produced 2 films, partly sponsored by the German Embassy, for the broader audience. The films have since been shown of several local TV stations. Focusing on children aged 10-14 years SORTS also works closely with official ministries in Suriname in 2014. For example the Ministry of Education helps with the distribution of a hand out in 355 schools in Suriname.

With a separate document about the Potosi bank, a mud bank where people destroy the mangrove trees for personal use, SORTS tries to raise awareness on the dangers of disturbing the ecosystems and about the importance of preserving mangrove in order to protect the coastline and the livelihood of the people on their shores Potosi Bank Enlarge image Potosi Bank (© SORTS)

2014 SORTS wants to deepen the awareness about climate change with the help of the private and public sector. 

Interested people can obtain the films at the office of Schooltv in Suriname (phone 00597 431718) for the costs of copying the DVD. About 4000 children will receive a free copy of the Potosi bank document, coordinated by the Ministry of Spatial Regulation, Land and Forest management (ROGB).