Enlarge image GTAI has been marketing Germany as an innovation and high-technology location under a central theme of “GERMANY. SMART SOLUTIONS. SMARTER BUSINESS.” on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi) since October 2010.

Germany is one of the most important business and investment locations in the world. With a population of more than 80 million people, Germany represents the largest economy and internal market in Europe. Progress and economic growth are increasingly a result of Germany’s strong ICT sector: the largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.

Already today, more than 80 percent of technological innovations in German key industries are initiated in the ICT sector. Moreover, future ICT solutions promise to provide answers to the most pressing questions for the future, like for example, climate protection, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. Germany already provides leading products and services in a number of smart technology and system areas. The ICT sector creates the basis for the development of a knowledge driven, sustainable and globally networked future economy. High-speed networks and intelligent network architectures require the implementation of converged and integrated systems which make demand-based performance in real time possible. The German ICT sector is the pioneer of a smarter future.


GTAI started the third phase of its international location marketing campaign with the slogan ”Germany. Smart-up your business.”

Germany’s role as one the world’s most dynamic and competitive economies is one it thanks its Mittelstand of small and medium-sized businesses. The Mittelstand makes innovation, technological development and wealth possible. Germany is home to the best-performing SME sector in Europe in terms of jobs created, value-add, and degree of innovativeness. The Mittelstand has given birth to a number of world market leaders in a number of important industries and sectors. It comes as no surprise to discover that this very specifically German model enjoys a global role model function for smart and sustainable business.

The small and medium-sized company culture and the economic framework conditions help turn Germany into a one-off, comparable with Silicon Valley and, as such, very attractive for international SMEs.

GTAI allows selected small and medium-sized companies to speak for themselves in the form of testimonials within the confines of the “Smart-up your business” campaign. These are highly innovative, ICT-driven companies who present themselves and Germany in short “pitches.” The “smart-ups” selected represent examples from the business and technology fields of “start-up” financing (Earlybird), Smart ICT (madvertise), Smart Energy (Next Kraftwerke), Smart Mobility (ubitricity), and Smart Cities (Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic).

The TV ads can be seen in current CNN International programming. Also 2013 GTAI is the exclusive cooperation partner for the  “Marketplace Europe” program. The program is broadcast every Thursday at 20:45 (CET).